AnDy RaIn, ANDY RAIN, Andy Rain Photographer AnDy RaIn, ANDY RAIN, based in Tokyo JAPAN, documentary, Japan, Sport, People.ANDY RAIN PhoToGraPher


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Andy Rain, self-taught photographer was born in Mauritius in 1966. Rain grew up

>in Britain and took up photography while traveling Asia during the late 1980s.

>He has worked extensively throughout Africa, Asia, the Balkans and the

>Middle East, covering conflicts and human issues. His view that, the most tragic

>of all struggles is one that goes unnoticed , compels him to work in some of

>the worlds most dangerous places. It's easy to turn a blind eye to other

>people's problems, but by covering such issues I strive to prevent indifference in

>myself and I hope in others too", says Rain.


>His work has been published in Business Week, GEO, Newsweek, The New York

>Times, The Royal Geographical, Time Magazine, Stern, The Times, The International

>Herald Tribune and The Washington Post, among others. He has held numerous

>exhibitions and given talks of his works at numerous universities and venues in

>Japan. Rain continues to work independently as a freelancer for some of the

>globes top newspapers and news agencies. He lives with his Japanese wife,

>daughter and son in Tokyo, Japan.


>Contact Andy Rain




>Tel/Fax 81 4 7133 3053


>Mobile 81 90 1656 9259